LIO - Italian Lyric Poetry from the Origins. Publications

The work done on to create a repertory within the LIO - Italian Lyric Poetry from the Origins project has yielded two fundamental products on CD-ROM, which although produced at an intermediate stage of the project, are already effective instruments for increasing knowledge pertaining to the first centuries of Italian lyric production:
1. LIO-ITS. Repertorio della lirica italiana delle origini. Incipitario dei testi a stampa (secoli XIII-XVI), ed. L. Leonardi and G. Marrani, Florence, Edizioni del Galluzzo for the Fondazione Franceschini, 2005
An instrument for work and at the same time the first tangible and operational result of the project, the repertory of first lines of printed texts was designed to identify texts over the course of the process of reviewing and recording information about manuscripts. Thus it expressly does not add further critical-philological considerations on the attributions of single texts, but reproduces the first lines and last lines and includes the accepted designation of authorship according to current editions. The LIO-ITS first-line indices have more than doubled the number of incipits included in the preceding repertory, the third volume of the Incipitario Unificato della Poesia Italiana (IUPI).
2. LirIO. Corpus della lirica italiana delle Origini su cd-rom, 1. Dagli inizi al 1337, ed. L. Leonardi, and A. Decaria, P. Larson, G. Marrani, P. Squillacioti, Florence, Edizioni del Galluzzo for the Fondazione Franceschini, 2011
Created within the framework of a PRIN (government-backed "research project of national interest") coordinated by Roberto Antonelli at the Sapienza - Università di Roma, the CD-ROM LirIO joins similar works produced for other romance domains, in the series titled "European lyric poetry" (Lirica europea). LirIO offers the published textual corpus of the oldest Italian tradition, from the beginnings up to and including the Stilnovo. Available for consultation through the programme GATTO, the corpus is extrapolated from the textual base of the Tesoro della Lingua Italiana delle Origini, edited by OVI, with improvements and additions from discoveries from the process of "philological excavation" for the LIO repertory. The result is a digital collection boasting both of the necessary qualities of an efficacious textual database: completeness of the corpus and reliability of the editions.

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