The Institution
The FEF is a cultural institute for studies on medieval Europe, in its Latin and Romance literary expressions. Its activity unites the remembrance of 20th century intellectuals - Ezio Franceschini and Gianfranco Contini, as well as others - who renewed and reinvigorated philological studies, with innovative advancement of research, education, and scholarly meetings. The Foundation benefits from a specialist library that is unique in Italy, including an archive of documents and papers from several of the most important Italian medievalists. Its resources and offerings encompass a series of fundamental research activities, with the establishment of catalogues and repertories of texts and manuscripts, a series of significant historiographical research on medieval Latin and Romance philology, mysticism and Mariology, musicology, information technology, organisation of international congresses and seminars, a specialisation course granting a degree equivalent to the Italian Ph.D, and the publication of thematic series of books and periodicals.

While it is a fully qualified and independent higher education institute, the FEF often operates in conjunction with the university system, on national and international levels.