Thanks to the generosity of the Cistercian monks and to the then-Prior, father Malachia Falletti, the FEF was able to establish itself from the beginning in Florence, at the Charterhouse (Certosa del Galluzzo). The Foundation shared this space with SISMEL for 25 years.

In December of 2009, the FEF acquired a portion of a historic building, situated in the centre of Florence, at nÂș 7 via Montebello, and subsequently transferred the Foundation's registered office there in 2011. The restoration of one floor of the building, which was donated by the Ente Cassa di Risparmio in Florence, allowed to inaugurate the new location in December 2012. Among other things, the library and Gianfranco Contini's archives are now hosted there. During 2013 the restoration of two more floors of the building has been completed, and since September 2013 they host the rest of the library and archive, thus allowing to move all of the activities of the FEF in the heart of the city.