The archival collections of the FEF were established at the time of founding (1987) with a donation from the bequest of Ezio Franceschini. Over the years, important collections from other medievalists were added, giving rise to archives that represent a historically significant memory for a broad 20th-century culture, extending beyond medieval studies: for medieval Latin studies (Ezio Franceschini, Claudio Leonardi, Lorenzo Minio Paluello), for romance philology and Italian studies (Gianfranco Contini, Vittore Branca, Aldo Rossi), for medieval philosophy (Bruno Nardi), for the history of books (José Ruysschaert). 

All of the archival collections of the FEF are listed as being of considerable historical interest by the Tuscan Soprintendenza archivistica, a governmental agency with which the FEF collaborates for inventories and digitisation of documentary material, as well as for the organisation of workshops and conferences. 
The inventory of the archival collections is currently underway. The software being used is GEA, adopted by the project Archivi del Novecento , supported and promoted by the FEF.

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