Admission to the Course is dependent upon fulfilling qualification requirements and successfully passing an examination. The exam consists of the following elements:
a) two written tests: an essay on a subject relating to philology and medieval Latin literature, and translation and commentary of an excerpt from a work in Latin from the medieval period;
b) an oral exam on subjects pertaining to philology and medieval Latin literature;
c) an oral exam to determine working knowledge of two of the following languages (in addition to Italian): French, English, Spanish, and German.
Admission to the assessment procedure indicated in the above points (a, b, and c) is contingent on the evaluation of the research project and CV submitted by the applicant. Applicants will be notified of their eligibility at least 20 days before the date of the assessment.
The commission which evaluates the qualifications and tests for admission to the Course is composed of three members belonging to the fields of study L-FIL-LET/08 (ex L07B) (or, in the case of professors from outside Italy, fields of study that are recognised as equivalent to those listed); the commission will be named by the Coordinator of the Course, upon suggestion from the Scientific Committee.
To allow foreign students to participate in the programme, special procedures have been adopted this year in collaboration with the Centro Interuniversitario di Formazione Internazionale (H2CU) at La Sapienza - Universitˆ degli Studi di Roma). These procedures will give non-European students, especially those from the USA, the opportunity to apply to the programme. An examination centre will be established at Fordham University in New York for applicants who are admitted to the evaluation process and who indicate this preference in their application. This collaboration honours the memory of Charles H. Lohr and our shared interest in the advancement of this field of studies.
The process is identical in terms of the contents of the evaluation, and varies only in location.