Florence, 18 May 2012
Florence, Certosa del Galluzzo, 18 May 2012.
10th Fondazione Ezio Franceschini Seminar on History of Mysticism

The language of the mystics. Edition of new textes and editorial projects for an ecdotic of ecstatical literature and its testimonies.

The edition of mystical textes poses a specific problem within the study of the tradition and the reconstruction of the original version of a text, as it does the edition of those hagiographical accounts which indirectly report visionary contents. Starting from the case studies of recent and important editions, or by referring to work-in-progress researches, the seminar aims at contributing to the study of the editorial methodology for mystical textes and therefore to reconstructing their meaning for the Medieval culture.

Talks by: Alessandra Bartolomei Romagnoli, Alvaro Cacciotti, Antonella Dejure, Antonella Degl’Innocenti, Fortunato Frezza, Silvia Nocentini, Rosa Piro, Mario Sensi, Daniele Solvi