Seminars on medieval Romance studies
Florence, at the location of the FEF, via Montebello 7, 1-2 October 2013.
International Seminar in collaboration with «Medioevo romanzo»

A Philology of textual interpretation. Synchrony of the manuscript and diachrony of the tradition in Romance Middle-Age

Talks by R. Antonelli, K. Busby, M. Careri, I. Fernández-Ordóñez, L. Leonardi, S. Luongo

The seminar aims at discussing the success of the synchronyc perspective applied to Romance texts: understanding the "state" of a text at a given time in the history of its own interpretation is efficient only insofar as it is able to reconstruct the diachrony of the tradition behind the surface of the copyist. This problem requires the scholar to make use of genealogical models, which also support an approach to Philology based on understanding the history of the manuscript rather than reconstructing its content.